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Alternative Medicine

Welcome to your new online pharmacy

Ourpetsrx is a fully licensed online veterinary pharmacy designed by Victor Medical to give veterinarians a way to recapture some prescription revenue lost to some of the larger national pharmacies.  In essence we help you level the playing field.   

Female Pharmacist

Designed and updated with veterinarian input 

Robust and powerful, yet simple and intuitive

Easy enough to use right away


We've designed our site with both your clinic and your clients needs in mind. A clean and modern design makes it easy for customers to find what you recommend quickly and an intuitive layout puts all the functions you need behind as few screens as possible. You can start using the site within minutes. 

Fast Processing and Shipping

Your customers get the products they need quickly. Most orders ship within 24 hours of approval. We are one of the fastest online pharmacies when it comes to processing and shipping. 

Customer Support

Both you and your customers deserve the highest level of support and we work hard to maintain those standards. Ourpetsrx gives you access to pharmacy support staff when needed and a dedicated team who gets to know your practice and preferences over time. 

All the Top Brands

Backed by Victor Medical we carry a huge selection of both prescription and non-rx medications and supplements. Check out our brands here. We also offer hundreds of compounding options through our partner Wedgewood Pharmacy. We even carry some hard to find medications other pharmacies refuse to carry. 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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